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Who I am and what I do.


I aim to provide quality hand-drawn art to as many people as possible. Custom art can be bankbreaking - which is why I've been working on ReadyArtShop. Offering over 100 premade icons, we are able to sell for affordable prices and offer instant delivery on many of our packs.


Behind the site is just 1 artist/3D modeller who has been doing custom commissions for almost 3 years and selling nonexclusive graphics for over 2. As an individual, it's hard for me to take on everyone's requests - but through ReadyArtShop, I'm able to provide for more than I ever could otherwise.

Why us?

With over 3 years of commission experience, we know what we're talking about. We have the experience and the knowledge to create icons that will sell on your store or polish up any project.

Future plans

We've been working hard to expand- so far, we have lots of icon packs including Buycraft and server branding. However, we want to offer more. Coming soon packs based around designs with your custom text added in. These packs will offer delivery within 24 hours - compared to custom art, which can take up to 2 weeks, that's record speeds!

Want to talk? I also offer custom artwork - at higher prices, however, you can completely customize what you order. Add me on Discord at Wonder#0513 or email me at - emails are sent directly to me, so I won't miss them. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa John

Fashion Design